BEJIMAC, Achieve the RIGHT finish manufactures Singeing and Superfinishing machinery for the textile(for woven or open width knitted fabrics) industry for more than 100 years.

Singeing machine

You obviously appreciate the importance of singeing, as it ensures the required level of quality to all fabrics at the first stage of cloth finishing.
Singeing machine designed based on modules to allow better flexibility ant to suit each customer’s specific needs.

The modules are
7-Winding / Folding

Singeing machine modules

Singeing machine

Superfinish GFP 800/900 machine

Superfinish GFP 800/900 machine

Superfinish machine

Continueos pressing, setting and decatizing with the GFP effect.

Softer, more flexible and better shaping.

Contipress machine

Continuous pressing at high surface pressure without lenghtening.

Contipress GPP 400 machine

Shrinkomat-SP machine

Shrinkomat machine

Effective shrinking with patented process technology and considerably reduced energy consumption.