TVE ESCALE manufactures machinery for the textile wet finishing industry,developing our own bespoke systems to optimise processes.

Hydra - Washing machine

Is high-performance semi-continuous process for the preparation and washing of open-width fabrics
TVE-ESCALE has created a new semi-continuous line for the wet treatment of open-width fabrics totally innovative.
All the technology developed over the more than 30 years of the firm has been put at the service of this latest invention.

Ideal for processes as
Preparation of digital printing
Digital printing washing-off
Dyeing washing
Print washing

Hydra L

Hydra process

Optimus - Prewash unit

The best solution for the extraction of enzymatic oils.

Optimus process

Optimus vacuum

Shark - Washing cabinet

Highest performance combining vacuum and submerged suction technologies.
• Faster drying speed because of the latest vacuum system
• Improved fabric quality
• Lower water consumption
• Lower energy consumption
• Space savings
• Shorter payback periods on equipment
• Modular system, adaptable to any installation

Jigger - Dyeing and washing machine

TVE-ESCALE had the vision of leading the technological development of the sector launching the first Jigger with electronic control.
• High performing and efficient
• Minimum and controlled tension
• Robustness and easy maintenance
• Fully automatable

Ecomatic Jigger

Turbo-Jigg Jigger

Ecomatic HT Jigger

Vacuum equipment

As world leaders and experts in vacuum technology, TVE-ESCALE develops their own equipment and technology.

MRS Model ( Moisture Removal System )

This is the most popular model and can be used in all processes where moisture removal is required.

CRS Model (Chemical Recovery System )

CRS is an evolution of the MRS model and enables the recovery of chemicals in the application of chemical products.

WET-ON-WET model

Fular girişinde bir MRS ve çıkışta bir CRS kombinasyonu

Grafik : Kumaş tiplerine göre fular çıkışı (turuncu bloklar) ile vakum ünitesi çıkışı (yeşil bloklar) arasındaki kumaş üzerinde kalan nem oranları tablosu.